The end of 2012 blog want to live is very simple and difficult

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was to be optimistic about everyone’s independent blog now has a serious decline, not enough attention, information transmission rate is slow, the profit model of a single such kind of development limitations one by one, I think many bloggers will give up blogging. That example, Lu Songsong blog Daquan even classification in the home page will have several blogs for not updating, not to mention the most hidden in the catalogue of the said, why give up, nothing more than two reasons, first, there is no time to update the article, second bloggers don’t make money.

but to tell the truth which is really arch-criminal hinder the development of blog, after all, the ideal and bread everyone wants, but in reality, independent blog profit model is really very simple, but this is a grassroots blog, for some Hot Blog, such as electric grid, just sell advertising we earn enough a year. On the current situation, the four aspects of grassroots independent blog profit model but the first hanging advertising alliance advertising, second selling advertising, third published fourth soft, and manufacturers, get into sales. But generally speaking, independent blog does not have enough flow and popularity, and want to rely on the blog itself to earn enough money to support themselves, it can be said that the Arabian nights.

but we blog do not make money? At least I think in the blog business early, we can not put too much focus on profitability, is not only profitable, for exposure of blog and marketing to a certain limit, because in the early stage of our blog traffic and little attention if the content is not high, not very special, so most of the visiting flow will not come again second times, do not believe you can see your bounce rate, so we must pay attention to the marketing efforts, put less advertising, write articles, do less promotion, more accumulation. In the process of consolidating the foundation, as much as possible to write a number of high-quality articles to highlight the theme, otherwise, this blog is really no future development.

and in the blog traffic at the same time, we should treat the blog visit in a correct attitude, because some friends misinterpret the significance of return visit, I always thought that to your site, you should look at my website, and then click the left words advertisement message content were not nutrition, like what bloggers refueling, welcome return so I’m sure that meet the eye everywhere, the message will not only allow bloggers to visit the initiative, but it will also have a negative impact on his own blog, because it gives the impression that you deal with, in dealing with others, and others for granted meet you. So do a heart of the blog, all visiting webmaster as a friend, and then read their site carefully, speak their innermost feelings of the most real idea, this is actually a kind of marketing, we know.

in fact, when it comes to blogging lifespan, there’s another problem that needs to be taken seriously, and that is, in the actual business process, we’ll encounter different voices, and these sounds

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