NetEase Sohu and other large web site reform page title shows what

NetEase, Sohu, Sina and other large sites, careful people will find these large pages within the website title are modified, take 13-14 years, when the Sohu, Sohu is the title of the page [XXXX] – the largest Sohu, and now, home is the title of the [Sohu]. Behind is the official website, more noteworthy is that the old Sohu in the title of the page, mostly with [XXXXX] – the largest Sohu in the page title tag, for example: the movie channel Sohu – Sohu – the largest XXXXX; and now is the movie channel video: Sohu – Sohu; from the inside pages of the Title of change, whether that Baidu algorithm update


and other large Sohu like NetEase website, do more than ten years, all of a sudden change in the title of the page, what reason is that? Most of Baidu’s algorithm has been updated, Cen Huiyu believes that every page in the title modified, the column content, more shows at the same time, Baidu issued a "new advertising law" after some [] [], the largest the best advertisement was strangled in the cradle, when the website optimization, it is best to avoid the title of these words appears;

below on Sohu, for example, for example, Sohu page title why should revision?.


1. [Sohu Video] inside page title

Sohu video’s internal page title is now: Sohu Video – China’s leading integrated video sites, genuine high-definition video online viewing, original video upload, full network video search;

no prominent Sohu is the largest XXXX, explains what? The bloggers believe that Sohu to modify the title of the inside pages, there are 2 purposes: first, establish a specific title field, the video will focus on video, rather than the Sohu brand as the core; second, at the same time, but also to meet the requirements of search users, get the user from the title to attract click, because every field needs are not the same, the financial sector need to look at the stock market, health sector need to see the data, the sports section need to see the latest live sports events, therefore, if the same title, will lead to the page content expressed confusion.

2. Page Title Revision trend

A. Title tends to short: throughout this kind of large-scale web site, if ever, the title of the inside pages is quite a long list, the title now, only a dozen short words, you can see from the figure, but a few words is so short, often allows users to direct, clear, easy to understand. From the user experience is improved;


The word usage of

B. descriptors is reduced by

now includes many webmaster, all love in the title and description language, for example: XXX manufacturer in Guizhou province _ ten brands, to provide the most high quality products; if a title.

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