Taobao zern off contest New Year broadcast the first gold for the most ultimate

yes! 2012 has come to the end of the world! Whatever will happen, well "the world name shoes Taobao" will continue to promote the competition would have to. Not far from the end of the game on January 13th, the activities of the ultimate gift – "1000 yuan red spring festival" (the total number of transactions to promote the top five available, which first name can receive a pair of popular high [Pamir mannick] in the period from 11.18 to 1.13 of the activity) also enter the finale of the most intense competition period. The 2012 character outbreak, for the thousands of red envelopes to play


into the new year, zern promote race second season of "New Year’s day new cycle race also ended smoothly. The policy promotion competition this stage to several friends of Taobao fame, for example the previous champion "stable brother Taobao alliance VIP media, and this season is the darling of the" 2 brother "Yu Qingping, 2, and two since the beginning of last week, we will find a new one – year limelight rookie I don’t li. Following last week’s big Christmas rush into beyond three, this week I don’t Lee launched a fierce impact on the two predecessors, the highest grade single week with 49 pens, 2 Yu Qingping ended four consecutive win Rookie Award upstage success! Just 1 months, they came to the week champion, total total Commission 3625 yuan! Envy


as for 2 brother Yu Qingping 2, probably still immersed in the joy of the Christmas world championship, new year’s Day season has slowed down, only ranked third. Second by Taobao union VIP media 44 pen won. Newcomers, this week there are two new show momentum, brand direct marketing, wholesale and sogouie scored 26 and 22 transactions.

is worth mentioning is that the fifth competition currently thousands envelopes battle especially tragic, the current fifth to eighth (luffi520, sogouie, startling step by step, Shanghai Qitai) the achievement gap between the very small, thousand yuan to close at hand who can fight to the end,


Spring Festival thousands envelopes for the

[hot shoes]

zern "luxury winter high special events are held in warm," Vikings "series has become the main transaction fully deserve high help. At the same time, "Pamir" business leisure series also launched a new style of the finale, everyone participating friends, please pay more attention to the activities of the main push shoes


zern shop

New year new year period



three: I’m not surnamed Li, Taobao alliance VIP media, Yu Qingping 2, each received 100 yuan

holiday gifts!

[week of new award winner (12.25-12.31)], you can get 50 yuan reward!


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