New site access to search engine sandbox

if you’ve just signed up for a new domain name, or if you have a big revision of your site, this time your website is likely to go into the sandbox mechanism of search engines. What is a sand box? That is, the overall weight of the site in search engines is lower, and the site will plummet in search engine rankings. Of course, the traffic on your site will also decrease.

when you find your site suddenly drops from the search engine’s traffic, then your site is likely to enter the sandbox. The job you can do at this time is to stick to it. At the same time looking for high quality external links and one-way links is the best. Content should be updated continuously. So that you can get rid of the sandbox as soon as possible.

, each search engine’s Sandbox mechanism is different, but the general direction is not the same. Basically, "new" and "change", "stop" these three points.

, can be understood as a new registered domain name, and the new website; change, can be understood as the website, the website type even change; stop, can be understood to stop updating the website or website cannot access a long time. Any of these three points, the site is likely to enter the sandbox.

sandbox is not equal to search engine K dropped, or you can get traffic from search engines. There is a solution to the problem.

Various types of generic methods below

, for different types of methods, suggest that you do your own research. Because of all sorts of strange things, no one can guarantee that he can do it.

first move "Zoupian Jian Feng"

the more competitive words are not the main goal, but shift their focus to the additional keywords. Accessory keyword is the long tail word that everybody often says. As the word SEO, you can do SEO Blog, SEO information. For example, in our industry, it is the main goal to make the key words of the project, but the words are not very competitive at first, but many people do it. I’ll do the additional words at this time. Such as "Beaming with Joy" on this project, I will do Beaming with Joy stores".

second strokes "should be"


is the station optimization to each news page the title of the two amendment is a waste of time, this time I will choose "to learn". This allows you to solve all current problems with the least amount of time.

, for example, is also the earliest in the country, with the most used examples on the site, the download station.

do download stations, basically with CMS do, in the past with "scared cloud" at most. If you want the site to do optimization, add words to avoid access to sandbox, get traffic, avoid those software name keywords, choose additional words is the best choice. If your download station has the "master of optimization" software, but there are many other software, you want to modify the template once you solve all the problems. Then you’ll analyze user search habits.

Additional words for the

download station >

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