These months really tired persist or give up

08 years, I have joined everyone to do the ranks of the site, but also know what the "grass roots", "garbage station", "CMS."". There is little standing foundation because before, I also think a website is not what to do, the simple point of the template do also do not have what too much difficulty, then started looking for a website with CMS, because previous studies is ASP, after the new cloud recommend the CMS is stable, find a SQL version of the Baidu SQL, because the execution speed must be much faster than ACC. At that time, I feel that the amount of data on the website will certainly be great, and SQL should be better. I think it’s a long-term plan for the website.

tell me about my website:

in February 29th 08 registered a QQKJZB.CN domain name, almost a week will be a QQ space dress up the site up. So began every day, non-stop collection, every day looking for data sources, I believe that new friends should have had such experience. Don’t say, update it every day. Update it at least once a week. (someone will surely think the update is too slow). At that time, really every day to see statistics, see PV, a day to increase a few IP, the heart is not happy.

During the

months, with many webmaster exchange, "by network" is a webmaster exchanges more. Also learn a lot of things, he also used the new cloud CMS, I also shared some of his program code (now in the network can be selfless themselves modify the program code to others is really very little), I sincerely thank him. After a few months, probably in June around a dozen, the site was black once, but it is lucky, black my friend is good for me, no K out of my content, but the home page changed. Through this experience, I also have a new understanding of website security, and my website program has also been upgraded to the latest version (website application upgrade is really important). In July 1st, the website was revamped, which is what it looks like now.

in May 28th 08, and registered a domain name: I want to be a motivational site. I do this station because, in Ali mother saw a similar site, that site’s IP every day in more than ten thousand. Ha ha, such a station, I feel a little unkind… Too blind to follow. But this site also gave me a few surprises. New sites uploaded 3 days later, was included in the GG. Before seen some website three hours will be charged (feel their skills strong shake, I also feel inferior). Oh, I feel so lucky. God has finally taken care of me. That stage is really a confidence in doing the station. Say, I was included in the GG reasons, but also share. At that time, there was no technology, but just when I was doing the website, when I was testing the localhost, I did a few more GG ads. That’s what I did

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