Some suggestions for movie website promotion and how to do user experience well

with the development of the times, competition among all walks of life is becoming more and more fierce. Now companies are not only products, technology is more valued by enterprises. He said the construction site, not all enterprises will be the site of the building as an achievement of their own, but the website of this upsurge, allow enterprises to gain more market share, the construction did begin to feel content and real interest to the user.

as a movie site construction, pay attention to the user experience is also very important. Well, how can a movie site build up the user experience? Here are some of the main elements that affect the user experience:

1. search box

as the user experience has been paid attention to, the search box design has become the most effective embodiment of the user experience. Search box design is to meet the user looking for information content of the shortcut window, by entering the relevant information with the movie keywords, the movie site will provide users with close to the query results.

search box is usually designed in the film site home page more obvious position, easy to user discovery, and search box design is generally larger, but does not affect the overall beauty of the page.

suggested that the search box should be designed to be monotonous, and that some of the most recent TV shows or movies could be shown below the search box. Or search box can be designed as a drop-down search box, you can recommend the most popular search movie or actor name, so as to speed up the user to find information.

2. play record

from the user’s perspective, are not often seen watching a TV, watch the next time you forget to see where? I think this phenomenon is not my personal will? And this movie website can be an antidote against the disease, medicine is the best play records.

, however, the design location of the broadcast record has been a major problem, and Li believes that the design of floating windows is too effective for user experience, but it is also the most effective way. So the design of the playback record is best designed on the left or right of the page and displayed in floating form. Not only does not affect the user experience, but also easier to find.

3. special topic

movie website thematic design is the movie or TV drama classification, integration, classification, classification form of film, more convenient for users to find, and more appear in the film site has an orderly work attitude.

movie website topic page in general: Star project, workplace movies, romantic movies, classic movies, action movies, love movies, horror movies, movies, movies and so on ethics.

4. content update

The timely updating of

movie information is one of the effective embodiment of user experience. For example, regular updates of the TV series are easier for attracting users to watch and increase the amount of hits.


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