Although have nothing to do for five years will insist on it

, I said I was the stationmaster, yes, a webmaster without any. Site for more than five years, all the ups and downs really can only feel. I dedicate this article to the webmaster brothers, as well as those who have been still fighting on the first front.

I say I have nothing. First of all, nothing in technology.

at that time, a friend was engaged in the work we are doing now. I have just started to step forward to college, and my knowledge of the Internet has shifted from QQ to the interest of personal websites. So, with the help of my friend, I got together with another friend to form a literary community. The name of the community was suddenly remembered by a partner while taking a shower. I remember he was wearing only a pair of underwear excitedly ran to my dormitory, I think of the name! "What a village"? We hit it off, so I also like a slogan — happy mood every day, experience the life of another village. To this end, we have been proud for a few days, we all think it is a good name and slogan. In fact, now think, at that time our level is really pretty good. At that time, stay up late every night to modify the template, in order to make the site look more professional, there was a more "grand" goal, that is, to go beyond the banyan". Now look at the site really is our modified but was really too horrible to look at, the passion of thousands of years, on the things you do is feel lofty, when we are so hard for this dream is big, and the popularity of the community is also more and more good. We seem to be able to see the light before the dawn. But at that time, we do not know how to publicize, but also do not know how to operate, the domain name is provided by friends of the two domain name, the space is free of charge provided by friends. In the development of the community in full swing, the friends of the server after another problems, the community is basically finished. I suffered the first defeat of my life. Now, if we can have a complete marketing idea, to buy space and domain name, the community should also develop good? But you never know, maybe even worse, anyway, now placed in front of the face is all I have.

at this time, my partner and I also have some contradictions. I began to think that a partnership would always hurt a friend. So, I began to build the site now.

I don’t know anything about internet marketing now, let alone me two years ago.

I remember in 2005 when

first wrote a story about some of the things that do fashion community experienced over the past year, now look back, found inside the content is not comprehensive, and the so-called memories but inadvertently has hidden rough experience.

no, I can’t face it. As far as the propaganda of a website is concerned, it is natural for us to make good articles on the good side. But as an administrator of the community, I must always be in the community. Understanding the community is actually more

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