GG why do you hate me

In the last

ADMIN5 wrote an article a webmaster site real experience got a lot of friends here and I especially want to thank the pig goddie/ / Pirate Angel / warm and some unknown ADMIN5 friends give me support and help you make me from the new set up a fight of faith…

June 20 manager let me get the Baidu tray up the rankings… Through the efforts of Baidu. Finally in the second page tray position. Fifth was barely complete the task.. today finally looked at the GG idle down. I climb up the dumbfounded..GG has 16 days did not come to my guest station… < / p>

home crawl: Googlebot, the last time you successfully visited your home page was 2008-6-30. Particulars.

. Suddenly a little dizzy spin day feeling… Search website. It GG the last update time is static under heart in June 30th. To analyze the reasons. Some time ago I travel to write the code page again small change a little. Before all content in a index page to.. to improve the loading speed of the page into a combination of several pages of the home page by load1 load2. Both of these pages and web pages and page with the same keyword description and title. Then the previous forklift ( in order to comply with the trend of the new on-line later changed his name to ( today I found very angry after the forklist deleted. The manager does not know to hear the static web page is good for search engines, it really is. But his understanding of static pages That is our own manual page to put those dynamic address manually add, I really do not understand this and what is the difference between a direct call. But this way except… Site often manually update the other, and almost become a dead site… And the revision of several pages in July after the GG did not have a grasp! GG check the web site of the current cache ( when it was found that goole.. Site grab these points in a complete mess I feel in addition to the last point. The other should not be GG reason to hate me. Please show me the prawns here first. Thank you


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