Eight years of nternet life four years webmaster career

this is my first time to ADMIN5 above the article, actually always wanted to write, but the writing is really too bad, afraid you laugh, see a lot of webmaster experience, hesitation, I still want to write their own site career, today for everyone to contribute, I offer a folly.

contact network has been 8 years, remember that the first contact computer is when 2 students were brought to Internet cafes, Internet cafes at that time where we can only play stand-alone version of the game, cost is also very expensive, I had 16 yuan / net fee is very expensive, but still couldn’t help wondering hungry, also frequented, have abandoned their studies, and later on the garbage in the University, in 2 when a chance to contact the site, when we opened a course of e-commerce professional web design, it will only do pure static pages, now think of that time to do the site you want to have some funny pictures, a few articles plus a few connected since that is a website, just contact this thing I have a strong interest in web design, the Internet is not just MM, the game also quit day Late pondering this thing, at that time I also spent tens of dollars to buy a NetEase space, put a few static pages, see people will be sent to others to see, very proud.

I remember

built the first ASP station is an industry website, is in some source station to download the free program is always the backstage function is not perfect, I am a perfectionist, always feel like standing people regret buying program, a poor student, no money, oneself for it, my life is stupid, and not so good, always regret to out of college, while working, while get their own website, that time is your hobby, never thought of using the web site to make a lot of money, do not know how to use the site to make money, I was such a webmaster in a daze, say we are not afraid of a joke, I am 07 years to know ADMIN5, certainly a lot of people scold me with very limited knowledge and scanty information.

I have been on the Internet for some functional integrity of the source code is free, it has found some types of complete source code, but has not been satisfied, but I always have their own ideas, they want to do what kind of station, but I have no money, no technology, some only is their own ideas, not me brag early in the 04 years when I think of the campus websites like this, but I did not have money, if a team like Ma Yun, perhaps today’s campus, Alibaba CEO all is me, these ideas are as early as I think, do not have their own team, capital and technology. Many of my friends around me can witness my predictions.

now also do not prevent the say of my own have some ideas, now the school is not very fire, I think if anyone can follow the trend of building a school Taobao, go to business can also occupy a space for one person in the absolute CTOC of the market, we can build a website only for students to exchange, there are some community in many schools now, there are many.

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