How to build high quality chain

, whether it is site or do SEO people know the importance of the chain, in a sense, the quality of the chain is good or bad, the number of direct decisions on the development and profitability of the site. The quality of the chain is good, quantity, can enhance the weight of the web site and search engine rankings. It is because of this, the vast numbers of webmaster and SEOer are immersed in full-time construction in the chain, which loneliness, bitterness, pain, only they can understand. However, as long as we search in the search engine, you will find that a considerable part of the chain is useless, that is, for SEO did not play any role. How to build the chain of high quality, high return, how can we make our efforts in vain? Believe that not only is this problem plagued the SEO sector, is burning with those who have the webmaster and SEOer a better vision of the future, today to talk about how to establish a chain of high quality.

1. distinguish the form of the chain

There are three main forms of

chain, one is URL link, the other is anchor text form, and there is a pure URL without link form. The three forms of the effect is completely different, the anchor text links form effect is the best, especially the use of the site key word do anchor text, but not always in the same anchor text keywords to do, otherwise it is easy to judge the search engine for cheating, so you must not countervail the. URL form of links relative to the anchor text, the effect will be worse, so it is recommended to use the anchor text where it is best to use anchor text, originally done outside the chain. URL does not take the form of links, can be arbitrary point, this is not the chain, it can attract spider accident to improve the effect of very little weight, so use this way before the chain webmaster, it is best not to do it again, basically is in vain.

2. make use of links to do the chain

Links can be said to be a good form of the chain, if we can get some weight higher website link, the effect may be better than hundreds of BBS outside chain effect, can rapidly enhance the website weight and keywords ranking. So, how to judge the quality of friendship links,


(1) Links website with their own website to be relevant, for example, the web site is to do navigation, then it should be with the navigation related website chain, if this kind of website quality is not high, can be related to auto parts, automotive, electronic and digital products and other sites to consider doing Links do. The chain like to lose weight, such as whitening is not what the website with


(2) other website PR the higher the value, the better Links effect, but we all know that new sites in the initial stage is difficult to exchange to high value chain of a PR website, this time do not be discouraged, you can start with yourself with the PR value of the website chain, and through this period of time and the PR value increased, is still relatively easy to do friends chain;


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