Baidu optimized experience of Baidu space was sealed thinking

Some of the products to optimize

products to do station I often use Baidu, like Baidu know, Post Bar, space and so on, but my own blog I don’t have to use Baidu to promote these day, occasionally see a lot of master space in Baidu, so I also made a Baidu space, who I know sent 2 articles to the space, second days to see not open space, given prompt is due to the breach of the agreement space, space has been restricted access or delete! ", I think a lot of reasons are not understand, go to Baidu space. Complaints have no effect. Yesterday in A5 read an article about Baidu space was sealed analysis: "Peng Yucheng: blog promotion case" Baidu space was sealed "analysis".

The author of the

Baidu space was closed, he mainly analyzed 4 reasons: a: incomplete personal information began to promote the b: content of space is the most frequent replacement of advertising content c: content d: IP remote login using the link. I took my previous Baidu space to compare, about the first article, my personal data filled out very complete, the space image of what is true, and I didn’t sit inside Baidu what promotion. As for the second article, I had 2 articles and no advertisements at that time. Third, my space, just to my blog put a link. Fourth, I basically use the company’s computer on the Internet, and there is no off-site IP login.

but my space was suddenly blocked by the Baidu administrator, whose life was not even 24 hours. I think a lot of reasons did not find a reasonable explanation, we recently rumored Baidu manual intervention is very serious, today suddenly thought are the 2 post the blame, I remember now that two articles, one is about how to do Baidu know, one is how to do Baidu keyword optimization. This is the two article violated Baidu Nilin, so I can not think of the face, the core content of how 2 articles I just write to contact Baidu.

is now aware of this two trouble possibility is very large, to remind the webmaster friends here, do Baidu space, in addition to the author mentioned that four points, a local content is also very worthy of attention, first of all not illegal, then our webmaster friends write best not to introduce how to optimize Baidu, after all, this optimization is bad for Baidu bidding. It is best not to mess with Baidu, I finally realize the untouchables hide not later! Don’t do Baidu space


for the author’s analysis and my actual situation to supplement this reason, and I hope to help you, if you have different views, welcome to communicate with each other. In fact, today’s first A5 write articles, I hope we do not scold small, and later to learn more from everyone [article original, reproduced, please indicate the source (]

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