From 0 to 0 1 how to find opportunities for entrepreneurship from the knowledge of God stickers


I am also benevolence, before operation, Ali now entrepreneurs, making a small circle of the main.

this article starts with WeChat public number: no known (ID:yirensay), the full text of about 4000 words, complete reading takes about 8 minutes.

from 0 to 1, many people.

methodology is said: entrepreneurship to determine the tuyere, into the blue ocean market, mining users just need to find a niche entry point. However, how to find the smallest entry point, from 0 to 0.1, but few people mention.

today, let’s take a try and discuss a complete idea from 0 to 0.1: how to tap from user needs to product design, from operational drainage to commercial realisation,

one, from 0 to 0.1


‘s article, we discussed several ways of finding small ideas for entrepreneurship —

1. starts with search engines,

Are you interested in a

input or popular keywords, layers of search, cobwebs, finally can always find a user pain points and the corresponding multiple products to solve this pain point. Analyze current products, judge market opportunities, and combine your capabilities to squeeze in a slice of the soup. For example, we mentioned earlier, by entering the Google in the Instagram keyword, and ultimately tap out a $100 thousand profit per month segment, click the bottom of the specific reading of the original text can be seen.

2. from its own needs,

is a typical Angel user, who knows what his needs are, what functions he needs and what services the market has. For example, my little secret circle, I is a typical user, I hope someone can filter out high quality at home and abroad in the field of business information and information sharing case and ideas. Unable to find, I think other people have the same needs, simply to get a service to others. WeChat search search needs entrepreneurial " you can see more from their own needs and business case.

3. starts from the big platform,

around the big platform did not pay attention to the needs or not to consider the needs, such as the new list, and we will discuss a case today: through knowledge, almost tap user needs and entrepreneurial thinking.

two, mining needs from knowledge

share this idea in the small secret circle, there are a number of strong execution of the students action, a variety of reasons leading to the general effect. Some students let me share the whole, from the needs of mining to product design, operation, drainage, and commercial realization of a train of thought, I promise to try. Maybe not exactly right, or even completely wrong, only the statements of a school I hope that readers of independent thinking, judgment.


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