Fission never worry about your blog content

, like the idea of using fission, you won’t have to worry about your blog anymore. This article is definitely not the kind of menstruation you have seen before, but rather my own actual combat summary.

I play network also some years, unworthy of you, no successful cases, but there is some lessons. Recently, in order to work, but also created a new blog (uncle Tom blog), but encountered the content of the problem. I wanted to find online related articles, copy and paste, but because the keyword is too biased, found that the relevant articles too little. So I was forced to live on the original road.

, like many people, wrote a few basic articles and found no writing. I was depressed for months. Fortunately, recently seems to be enlightened, Vince like spring. In this article, I share my thoughts and experiences with my friends.

basic chapter: keywords and 5W1H analysis,

5W1H analysis, this is the concept of foreigners over there, specifically, the following concepts:

What is


Where where (application domain, space region)

When what time (application, time range)


Who who (used to do it)

Why why

?How does

How (use, make, quality)


combines the main keywords of my blog: mechanical animation, then at least combine it into an article:

God, you don’t know about mechanical animation,

?What aspects of mechanical animation will

industry use in

?When will

industrial enterprises use mechanical animation,


what companies will use mechanical animation,

?How should

mechanical animation be used,


writes several articles like this and estimates that it’s OK for you. But you must be in doubt. It’s easy. Well, we’re going to start fission.

fission chapter: Keywords plus various qualifiers,

as mentioned above, the concept of Where is "where", not only where it can be used, but also where it is geographically". Combined with the main keyword, we can combine the following articles:

Application of

mechanical animation in the Pearl River Delta region

Application of

mechanical animation in the Yangtze River Delta region

Development and application of

mechanical animation in northeast old industrial base


thinking a little bit open? Let’s continue with examples. For example, the concept of When time can mean the application, or the time range

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