nsert social wings for e commerce two four word Proverbs

followed yesterday’s topic of putting social wings into e-commerce. Today, I began to write about the last part of PPT, which is how to realize the socialization of e-commerce websites (mainly for online retailers). Maybe now many e-commerce sites are more or less do this thing, or plan to do most of the things to do is through social media to do some promotional work, today I will comprehensively introduce how to realize the socialization of e-commerce website.

e-commerce website to achieve socialization of the four word proverbs


electronic commerce website must realize the socialization, inside and outside, and I put the four words of tim (characteristics), education (community), the (relationship), construction (base) is from the two aspects of internal and external. Let’s take a look at the specific one:

Tim (features)


1. adds share button;

allows users to quickly send the goods to share your own social network, such as micro-blog and Sina to share a key, there are a lot of a lot of integration of social networking sharing tools such as jiathis, not only can provide a variety of styles share button, but also provides data analysis, look at the goods are shared by those users what is the most commercial network, share, can also analyze your users are mainly active in the social network through which these data, for the promotion of goods can also provide some reference.

, however, seems to share a simple button, but where but very exquisite, is in the first place, specific product pages, or placed in the commodity user comments section, which content can be shared, how to allow users to voluntarily share rather than lure share and so on, all of these need according to the actual the situation.

2. add comment and evaluation function;


said, when users buy goods, many will take a look at the comments, the general evaluation of high, reviews, the turnover rate will be higher, but a commodity if there is no evaluation and comment, the user feeling is not used, users seemed a little important reference on the basis of.

however, once with the review and evaluation function, users can obtain some rights, that is to pick out some good goods, some goods are almost to find out, for users, this is a very good thing, shopping has become more transparent, but how to deal with some negative comments? How to mobilize the users to evaluate and comment on the commodity? These problems need to be considered.

remember, deleting negative comments is a very stupid thing to do.

3. adds "relevant products for similar browsing"

, that’s what we saw on the watercress. "People who like this book also like these books."

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