How to promote software products through nternet

mentioned that software sales, I feel very deep, because they understand programming technology, written a lot of programs, but really create value for themselves very little. Working in an e-commerce company half a year ago, saw their clumsy promotion methods, so the feeling, a Taobao group writing software, this software by Taobao shop owner’s favorite, so I began my sales career.

through the Internet to promote software products means summarized in the following areas, summarized as follows:

1. Product naming, site domain name selection,

a good brand name will be constantly recognized and accepted by consumers, so your product must have a good name. Our operation is a Ali Wangwang group software, taking into account the development of other products to be, so the software in the "100%" is the prefix name, the software named 100 Ali Wangwang group, after the product will for 100% for the prefix name. The software has a name, the following to talk about the choice of the domain name of the site, the choice of Web site name must be easy to understand, preferably less than 8 characters. Domain name I chose, the name of the software and domain name have certain relevance, so can deepen the user’s impression.

two, website SEO optimization

to promote their own network of virtual products, through SEO optimization contributed to sales accounted for a large proportion, especially in the early promotion of the site, almost 80% of the traffic from search engines, so be sure to do SEO. The SEO keyword analysis to optimize, attention, summed up a large amount of users to search keywords, such as 100% of Ali Wangwang group’s core competitive keywords is "Wangwang group", "Taobao group", so we need to focus on "Wangwang group", "Taobao group" to develop more relevant keywords. You can search through the Baidu index to find relevant keywords, and then targeted to optimize.

three, SEM search engine marketing,

1, pay per click advertising,

first introduces pay per click advertising, which is one of the most popular forms of online advertising for big companies. This method costs a lot, but it works very well. For example, Sohu and Sina banner ads on the home page, usually this form of advertising charges are: the price + click number × each click price, and the price of each click is about 0.30 yuan. There are a lot of sites offering pay per click, including major portals (Sohu, Sina), search engines (Google and Baidu), and other web sites, such as Chinese army that downloads software and so on.

2, PPC

reasonable use of competitive ranking service for product promotion is also very important, for the more intense competition keywords, you can through Baidu, google>

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