How many tips does movie website have

movie website source code open, movie websites such as quickly spread like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, can be said to know a little HTML can build a station, Baidu has taken some measures on the movie website, some of the movie website reduced included, for some stations also included many pages left home. How to avoid this? The most important point, the pages do different and source code, to know that tens of thousands of networks using this code, try to avoid similar pages, Baidu on the two different sites of similar pages only included a page, to avoid similar and then focus on improving the quality of website content. There are other things that are highly repetitive, and I won’t say anything else.


movie website is on-line in May 27th of this year, the website for movie website webmaster headache is updated, don’t know where to find the movie resources, some friends may say that some of the free movie website collection system can collect a lot of movies, but also directly into the database, it is very easy, but careful observation you will find these collection of movies are frequent content on the Internet, users and search engines are not love such content. Looking for a good resource is the webmaster spend a lot of time every day will do, there is no good method to solve this problem? Main or find a few frequently updated movie website, put his content into their own, but also to grasp the skills, and don’t let people see him as like as two peas, was not good. I often go to "Thunder KanKan" looking for resources, resources update faster.

website has been recognized, with traffic, it is profitable, advertising is the site’s main form of profit, and now the main forms of advertising are the following:

1, click billing, one of the most common * /1000ip, Ali mother’s * yuan /1 times.

2, popups

3, set advertising sites and other businesses to buy

4, software installation, registration,

5, consumption is divided into

I personally feel before two is better, click ads on the users often click on the place, for example around the number set movie, so easy to the wrong point, they do not mistake how we return? Another advertising color color effect is better. Second kinds of pop, pop ads the price is not high, the general price in the 3-7 yuan /1000ip, for a day 5000ip website the day income should also pay attention to a little as can be imagined, and users are generally a bit disgusted on pop ads, for the long-term development of the site to the appropriate limit, the main purpose of the website is to retain customer.

wrote only some personal experiences about the movie website. If you have better views, please contact us.

finally left the website link 12 movie network,, welcome everybody to point out

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