Since the media blog no transformation but also the demise of the

from the media blog is a kind of self media, that is, those of us who do personal blog. Since the media blog in 2013, the fire, but also in 2014 to the trough, and insisted on so few people. Since 2015 the media blog again, a large number of people have joined in the popular media blog, want to make money. However, Shao Lianhu wants to say that if the media blog does not transform again, it will die again,



, a few days ago, I saw an article on Xiao Ming SEO blog called "if you don’t change SEO, blog will go to the end". This article says hundreds of SEO blog pain points, almost all stereotyped, without their own style. Yes, we are from the media blog, why not? It seems that all of the so-called original, no attraction.

I have published an article from the media on the elder brother’s forum. I want you to take writing as a habit. Then, a netizen commented, "if the media blog does not change again, the consequences – – although he did not say, but I know he means that the media should be transformed.". This sentence also let me have deep feeling.

I’ve seen a lot of people start blogging from the media these days. Now, as long as you see people build blogs, most of them want to be from the media. But did you build a blog site from a media blog? Many people don’t understand what a blog from the media.


makes a blog from the media, I want you to consider the following questions:

1, what’s your purpose for blogging from the media?


do have a purpose, but, what is your purpose? Money? Promotion? Love writing?? no matter what your purpose is, at least you have to, otherwise you will be like a fly without head rattling, also did not know where to go.

2, how do you run your own media blog?

from the media blog, want to set up is very simple, in a few hours on the deal, or spend money to find someone to make it. Or, we should establish a good blog, how to operate? Write original articles every day? To the website to contribute? Yes, very simple, but you know the original article: how long will it take to finish, and how much time? Every day you have much time to do these


3, how do you benefit from your own media blog?

What is

doing from a media blog? If you’re very rich, blogging is just for fun, and you’re spending it. However, with grass root, poor meal can not, if the blog has no money, you will have the mood to blog? When I first established the Shao Lianhu blog I think, song Bo brother brother blog for more than five years.

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