Website promotion from the easiest start

recently site, have encountered a similar problem, the bosses have done the site, and have collapsed a sentence like this, how can this website promotion out,


may be an easy job for webmasters, but it’s hard for small bosses who are busy drinking and singing every day. Facing the vast network of the sea, to put their own site to launch to really is difficult, it is difficult to know how to start


just made for these sites, ready to dig gold online business owners may not have a lot of time to learn those complicated SEO, how to solve their current problems, this problem has been bothering me, how to achieve their aspirations with a simple method, can step in place, they will be able to at the launch site to


with this problem, I tried to make a free promotion website (, which means: push me, come in, I’ll push. Try to provide free web services to your existing customers.

conceive this idea, push me, that’s the way it is.

one. Most entrepreneurs time is very precious, so the registration information can not be too long, just fill out the necessary URLs and EMAIL on the line, automatic to grab the customer web site with software promotion the specific content of key information, and then registered to each big website, of course, customers can also manually online one-time registration of those new engine, and so on push me ( website login we will regularly update some new free web entry, in order to customer needs.

two. Guest blogs, feature articles,

I think this part is the most difficult, because of different customers, its blog, articles, content, style vary. So I advise clients to write about myself in this industry articles, such as solar accessories business wrote sun technology, die casting technology written by die casting, and then push me website ( published articles for the network system will be the same type of industry network to regularly publish. Like the solar energy in front of you, you can publish it on a large solar powered website, so that the readers will be more. At the same time, make RSS links to the same type of blog so that the website can exchange information.

three. Regularly provide special mail to registered customers

‘s return mail is mainly to do the work in these areas, collect the same industry company information, enterprise technical innovation information, price information. The information from the same industry is very important. Customers who don’t agree with each other will only be treated as garbage. From this point of view, promotion: in fact, the sale of useful goods to the real needs of the people, perhaps this is Baidu’s "user experience" it.


by the way, compare with the masters in the webmaster network

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