Talk about how to operate a QQ group

build a QQ group is very simple, but the operation of a group is a very difficult thing. We can see no matter what industry or what keywords, related QQ group are very much, but the popularity of the group is very few, when many of the group began also very lively, and after a period of time, basically no one to speak or become ad group! How to create a the value of the QQ group? How to really play out the value of the QQ group? I simply talk about their own views of


1, determine the purpose of building QQ group

we must first think clearly, why not build this group, the total energy is because there is no purpose, you see a group, or a person applying to add, no one for no matter what this group! No specific value, unless you had the QQ group is very good, if that point the money would be worth


set up a QQ group, certainly need to bring together a group of people to come, if you do not know what is the QQ group, who will add? Even advertisers with your group, at least, his purpose is very clear, that is to send advertising! Do you want to still want to find a partner? For investors? Or would like to develop some potential customers? Or do you want to spread your personal brand? Or would like to know about some of the big coffee industry? To be clear, in order to have long-term development.

2, think of a good and meaningful QQ group name

why do you want to remember? This is for the sake of subsequent communication. At the first glance, everyone can remember the name, and the name attracted by the first sight will surely pay more attention to it. Have meaning is to let people know the QQ group for the first time what is, clarity of purpose, people orientation is also clear, of course, how to get a good record and meaning, more important is the bigger a little name requires everyone to think of their own


3, building a good group culture

is actually a group of cultural atmosphere and environment problems, certainly a group advertising is no one willing to pay attention, not to mention there will be big coffee in here! I enumerated several points, we can refer to: first, when new people into the group, need to all aspects of the introduction of their own. The company, city, position and real name, are introduced, and let everyone know about, this is the first time advertising opportunity, might have cooperation. Then, by the administrator to promote, @ all members of the new members of the group information. Second, maintain the welcome formation, when the new group into the group, when the administrator to send a welcome picture, other online members can copy the administrator information fully sent, so that new people feel a respect. The third point is the timing of kicking, for advertising, not in accordance with the requirements of the group to change their own information, or is inconsistent with the rules are kicked out.

4, which specifies a simple group rule,


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