Three qualities that a web operator must have

station is a long, hard work will be the day, many owners from the beginning of the rookie or Benniao experienced a period of training, became a successful webmaster, but the hardships and suffering, only you know. In the face of such a large influx of station station want to become a friend, just short of the see before the body of interests or has been around to see some of the webmaster friends, as the author has experienced 3 years of industry portal owners to re look at the development of a beginning, and we want to share, to become the three basic points you must have the quality of a Webmaster:

A: unique observation and understanding ability,

this is the most basic quality that I believe to be a successful webmaster. Whether it is a small website or general industry portal, its development goal is purely for profit, in this premise owners must have unique ability to observe, see also don’t see some competitors in the market, so we can obtain new dynamic website development.

with low cost nowadays Internet products copied, as a webmaster must keep up with the pace of Internet development often, internet blogs, Tumblr and micro-blog, I do not know now as a webmaster how you understand? Development website development is bound to encounter new products or new modules, unique observation and fast comprehension has become the forerunner of the Internet, now pay attention to the Internet in the era of fast food, if you don’t, you will be quickly swallowed.

two: Cool event handling capabilities

cool handling capabilities include teamwork, resource utilization, and emergency handling. From the beginning to the development of the website will always encounter confusing things, a lot of time to really have to say suddenly, so to stimulate, as a webmaster must calm about the incident reason, development process, degree of influence, and then you decide what to do, your decisions related to the development of your own that is also related to the team’s progress, more related to the development of the future of the site.


example: website will encounter all sites in the process of the development of things, the website development experience a year after the user conversion rate is not high and the revision, the revised website keywords persistent does not restore the original ranking, website interests can not guarantee the full sales led to the team’s opinions site operations team SEO group, its position is very clear, but after the website don’t give us a satisfactory answer, then fired SEO, the re establishment of the web site keywords ranking recovery plan, so a short time operation effect.

webmaster need is the team itself can not solve the ability, find a tube boss, it is better to find a member who understand the mentality of a head, it is clear that I am satisfied with their own handling.

three: long term vision,


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