Precision and interaction two powerful tools for SNS website marketing

mentioned in an article "two defects" SNS website to keep brand advertising, SNS platform core idea is to construct the interpersonal relationship between users, so there is a great difference between the characteristics of the media and portals to the center and fragmentation of information, the focus of user attention cannot be like a traditional form of hard wide on the same environmental concentration, make the SNS website to retain brand advertising has some natural defects. However, not to say that SNS website is the minefield of brand marketing, SNS website accurate and interactive marketing methods, it is the new era of network marketing, unstoppable marketing tool.

network advertising from simple text, pictures, video and rich media development, abundant in the show form. But the marketing concept is still dominated by brand advertising, push and search engines as the representative of search marketing. The emergence of SNS platform makes marketing interactive elements, social network marketing formally surfaced. One is derived from the accurate marketing based on user information, and the other is in station interaction. The two ways are complementary to each other and complement each other. The SNS website is completely based on the accurate authenticity of users of the site, as the extension of the real relationship network of SNS website member information authenticity and other Internet application form is higher, at the same time we can also according to the user information and the circle of friends to judge the true extent of a user. In the opinion of advertisers, the most attractive thing about SNS websites is the fact that a large number of customers are real, detailed and accurate. As the SNS website, can very well know the basic user attributes of each user from the registration information, from user behavior analysis of interest, experience, preferences, friends, shopping records, which made the data accumulation for high precision marketing activities. The master user demographic and behavioral information, the website can easily convert this service for an ad network, and Facebook has released a tool used for advertisers, advertising companies can through the user language and location.


precise level is the user’s circle of friends, whether it is from the angle of sociology and statistics data, the research also has several research institutions show that the circle of friends tend to "behavior". Users’ friends are also more likely to click on the same ad than other users. It is clear that there is a good agreement between friends. If our friends buy a product, then we are more likely to buy the same product than usual. Therefore, targeted from the demand, select a person’s pulse circle for accurate marketing, quasi customer conversion rate will inevitably be much higher. Accurate marketing in the SNS website might make us more intimate. Through Google content analysis technology, can effectively improve the advertising arrival rate and click conversion rate, this point, no doubt there will be countless businesses interested.

station interaction is another rich marketing tool, especially for the SNS website. Topic back to getting personal business information, now, I >

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