QiongYou ten years strategic cooperation with Uber extended outbound service chain

was founded 10 years of poor travel network, the weekend held their own 10th anniversary party, from the fun bazaar to a busy concert, many are attracted to the user is more love for the poor, like the poor 10th anniversary slogan: "to the world."

is a German student apartment started from the outbound sharing community, QiongYou three years ago, only 4 people. After several years of rapid growth, the poor have gradually developed into a more than 100 person company, registered users of about 50000000, which benefited from 10 years QiongYou accumulated a large number of UGC data and the rapid development of outbound tourism.

behind the 50 million poor tour Er, QiongYou COO Cai Jinghui often jokes that they are "the most worthless company". Indeed, QiongYou T-shirt, notebook often seen on various occasions, the first half of the tour and diaokeshiguang cooperation Cafe opened in Shanghai, a poor user line stronghold, poor Lily dating activity was as a marketing case…… But in all sorts of work behind, we see more of the great effect and the influence brought by the poor culture and community economy.

from the UGC community to structured products

since its inception in 2004, the initial user travel to Europe as basic students. These students share the information and effectiveness of their travels to become a community of mutual assistance. With more and more people out of the country, these information has more depth and accuracy, and these data after days and months multiplying precipitation, the poor become the core competitiveness.

Cai Jinghui says, early accumulation is very slow but is also very critical, after several years of user selection, electrical and maintenance of the atmosphere, and gradually formed a poor communities temperament, and the accumulation of relatively high-end, charismatic leaders, on the development and commercialization of QiongYou late plays the extremely important role.

with the increasing number of UGC data, how to effectively use these UGC data has become a challenge. To this end, the tour started to join PGC, and use the professional team to generate structured products, convenient for users to quickly retrieve data. Poor travel network launched by the network editor and local users to collect and develop the outbound travel guide and Chinese version "poor travel guide" which came into being, and become an important tool for Internet users’ travel abroad.

with the development of mobile Internet, QiongYou was introduced for the different functions of independent APP, such as the poor, poor tour guide list of city, the first half of this year, the tour of the mobile terminal APP adjusting, the segment of the APP is integrated as a collection of various functions of the comprehensive travel App, CEO Shaw said this is App further efforts to do consumer mobile user information.

Commercialization of

in the community economy

for the community, how to commercialize is not

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