Those still warm water frog Brief discussion on the position of small network company

three ultra strong, and I have nothing to do, the small Internet Co overall capacity can not be underestimated,

in China, the Internet is basically three super strong, a pattern of multi polarization development, three super refers to the field of search engine Baidu, e-commerce group of Alibaba, Tencent and the network of community interaction field; strong refers to Chinese is currently outside the three giants of the Internet, some of the same strength the company exists. The so-called multi polarization refers to the emergence of various fields of rapid development, and strive to appear on the market or already listed Internet Co. However, the concern is not big, but in small Internet Co segments or micro domains in network service or website operation condition, although the strength and their big meet very far, not listed can not even let more people know, but on the whole, the overall capacity of small Internet Co is definitely not to be underestimated the.

explained the concept: those? Warm water frog there are small


to tell you the truth, when preparing to write this article, I didn’t really understand the true meaning of the four words in the title appear desperate, in this paper, is used to refer to those although difficult but still very hard to mean, I do not know the right to use this method, not words hope you forgive me. The warm water frog believed that most people are aware of it, from a test, it is a frog thrown into the boiling pot, it will try out to escape, if filled with cold water in the pot, and then put the frog in the pot, slowly heating, the frog will enjoy in warm water in realized water difficult, needs to jump out to survive, it has malaise, eventually buried in the pan. Well, there are three core keywords in the title, has explained two, with a "small network company", in this paper, a small network company refers to the number of only a few dozen, in small or micro engaged in Internet related services or the operation of the corporate entity.


? Development and struggle small network company


Chinese Internet industry three extra strong situation, China network industry is the lack of a fair competitive environment, good innovation environment has been basically destroyed almost, in fact, the company itself is not a small network with high competitiveness and strong innovation ability, so the vast majority of small network the company only if in a subdivision or micro segments in the service or operation work. For example, in this kind of city of Zhengzhou and Xi’an, a large number of small or some small Internet companies everywhere, such as they are engaged in network marketing, website promotion, website construction, regional or industry websites and other business operations. It is undeniable that many small Internet companies live well, they can earn money to feed the company, the company’s founder can also get a small income, but more often, no matter how small, there are very competitive.

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