Web page fast included fast delete reasons and Solutions

many webmaster have encountered such problems, the day released articles, Baidu will soon be included, but after a few hours to check, and to delete. It was released in a few days or even more than 10 days later. It is puzzling that such a phenomenon will repeat itself. I stop in just established also appear such problems remain perplexed despite much thought the situation carefully asked some of the Internet’s predecessors, summed up the cause of Baidu included article then quickly deleted and some solutions, hoping for new Adsense solution a sharp.

one of the reasons, the site has just been established, is still in Baidu’s inspection period, and even some old sites will appear similar situation,

start to solve: if it is new sites, this period is in the Baidu inspection period, the time from half a month to three months range, as long as the original update every day, insist on adding some high-quality daily chain. Like the webmaster class web site, Baidu spider comes more frequently, if the contribution of the article has been published, half a month or so, the site will be released again, ranking is also good. If it is an old station, then it is necessary to carefully check whether there is black chain, there is no excessive SEO!


reason two, the content of the article is not related to the theme of the website

to solve: this problem is very good solution, and increase the theme of the site related to the original article, for example: you are open cake shop, then only sell cake, do not sell sports supplies. Search engines are not fools, remember.

reasons three, the article was repeatedly reprinted, but their website has not been included, this makes many webmaster worry Baidu mistakenly think their article is not original.

address: for the old, this is already the It is quite common for, remember the article published in time to bring your own the chain, there are a large number of websites reproduced your original articles, is very important for the transfer of website weight. Search engines are also improving. At least for the time being, they can be judged, and when to release them is only a matter of time. Remember to bring your own web link, otherwise, really become someone else’s original, the loss is not small.

reasons four, the content of a large number of copies of the site on the Internet, the article quality is low, readability is poor,

address: SEO is a required course for every webmaster every day, in writing before the first search, there is no similar article, if there is, then consider replacing a theme, or to a different title. SEO class articles, as far as possible to use some technical terms, so that readers will feel professional reading, content should be related to the subject, quality is high, practical stronger. There is no point in attracting traffic only by titles, and such articles make no sense. If your website content is repeated, no original, no updates, it is not surprising,


reason five, find some ways of high quality outside the chain


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