Jilin girl hit female employment portfolio

women’s work in the new era not only need to continue to work hard on the rights, but also to help women achieve self-worth, career development. "Jilin girl" three big brands to help the local women’s employment and entrepreneurship, and comprehensively promote the construction of the cause of women in combination.

Jilin sister labor export project started in 2006, 12th Five-Year, the provincial women’s Federation continue to broaden the work of thinking, to achieve the overall upgrade of Jilin sister brand and rapid development, promote the establishment of a new standard of modern family service. This project is to "4050" personnel as the main body, has been established at present practical base 112, the development of housekeeping, cleaning, nursing, nursing care of 4 categories and 20 service projects, training 146 thousand women; the establishment of Jilin sister family services 92, more than five community service stations (points) to achieve full coverage. Up to now, a total of 55059 people outside the province, the province resettlement of 53045 people. Jilin sister was named China’s famous brand, Jilin famous brand and famous brand.

"Jilin Qiaojie" driven by flexible employment

2010, the provincial women’s Federation organized the implementation of the "Jilin tragedy" handicrafts project. The project has the characteristics of low cost, low risk, energy saving and environmental protection, flexible working hours, large employment capacity and so on. In order to "association + enterprise + family" mode, to build women’s employment placement underpinning "non Wall Factory", the establishment of women’s handicrafts and Specialized Committee Handmade Association, members of more than 200 enterprises.

at present, the province created Qiaojie Handmade base 109, unified standards, unified training, unified processing, unified recovery and unified sales, driven by more than 7 women home flexible employment; provide skills training, for the 7429 list of Pro mother and poor women starting materials and orders docking "three free" service; the development characteristics of Jilin Qiaojie series products have been listed as the 21 levels of intangible cultural heritage.

"Jilin sister" to create electricity supplier brand

2013 in March, the provincial women’s Federation for the establishment of the "Jilin sister network" e-commerce training base, to create "Jilin Jie" brand of e-commerce, promote the formation of "Internet plus women entrepreneurs" new formats. Set up e-commerce training center, set up training system

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