Jiangxi opened entrepreneurial service platform to boost Entrepreneurship

in the whole process of entrepreneurship, which has a good social entrepreneurship platform is particularly important, but now is still in an entrepreneurial era, many places are actively engaged in entrepreneurial activities.

It is reported that the platform will be

, all types of market players do flow and dispersion of entrepreneurship policy incentives, together, provide one-stop full business consulting services for entrepreneurs. With the upcoming opening of the "Jiangxi province enterprise registration online parallel approval system", "Jiangxi province enterprise supervision warning system", to jointly build the Jiangxi province market "wide" and "strict control" and "supporting small" three drive mode, Jiangxi province has become the main market to stimulate vitality, maintain the normal order the market, support the market characteristics of the brand new force.

data show that Jiangxi enterprise density is significantly lower than the national average, the province’s per thousand people only 9.8 enterprises, while the national average per thousand people have 14.5 enterprises, 2/3 enterprises in Jiangxi, only the national average density. In order to let more grassroots enterprises emerged, flourish and grow, let more startups Small and micro businesses to survive, to live well, Jiangxi province Industrial and Commercial Bureau actively explore, and carefully build a business consulting YiDianTong online service platform.

It is reported that "

, business consulting YiDianTong online services platform to do according to relevant procedures, submit materials, samples, and preferential policies to support entrepreneurship accumulated and convenient entrepreneurs through computer and mobile terminal for consultation. Entrepreneurs in the process of experiencing setbacks and confusion, you can also consult the business mentor, mentor advice. At the same time, relying on the professional market, the integrated market, the establishment of a public service platform under the line for entrepreneurs to provide face-to-face guidance services.

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