What are the traditional customs

today is only once a year. The Qixi Festival Festival, countless lovers immersed in this romantic time, walking in the street, as if the air today is sweet, the Qixi Festival, not just the cowherd meeting, even thousands of lovers waiting for a romantic holiday.

in fact, very early in the morning, Tanabata Festival is derived from the worship of nature. The Tanabata Festival, a lot of traditional customs in modern times has gradually been forgotten, followed by the pace of small series, we look at the Tanabata Festival was forgotten those customs!

eat fruit

Qiao fruit and flower melon is the most common Tanabata food, Tanabata on this day, people will use flour to produce a variety of small items, put into the pan after frying, said Qiao Qiao, Qiao fruit is the main material of oil surface molasses. The Qixi Festival night people in clean courtyard, put on the fruit, lotus, white lotus, Hongling, home of relatives and friends sitting together.

for Niu Qingsheng


children on the day of the Tanabata picking wild flowers hanging in the horn, also called "Niu Niu birthday". Because of the legend of the West Queen Mother with milky cowherd apart, in order to allow the cow to cross the Milky way to see the weaver, let skin planing cowherd put it down and drove it to see the weaver cowhide. People in order to commemorate the sacrifice of the spirit of the old cow, there will be a "Niu Qingsheng" custom.

sun Book drying clothes

in ancient China, the sun book, the sun is very strong customs. According to the load, because Sima Yi was a powerful, popular Cao Cao suspicion, in view of the political darkness, in order to survive, he pack leprosy stayed at home. Emperor Wu is still not assured, he sent a confidant to make the truth of the truth. In July 7th, mad Sima Yi in home and tan. To tell the history of Wei Dynasty, Weiwudi immediately ordered Sima Yi to return to work, or to custody.

worship Kuixing

July 7th Kuixing pass is vulgar. Wen, want to seek fame through the special Kuixing reverence, so in the Qixi Festival day worship, ask him to bless his exam shipped to prosper. Quebec Yeh is kuidou star, 28 night in Kui Xing, the first star for the Big Dipper, or Kuishou Kuixing also.

tip: there are students or candidates in the home, in the Qixi Festival night moonlight toward the direction of the dipper worship Kuixing can also ask Wenchang, India, placed on the desk, desk or bag, to help Wang school!

worship grinding drink music

grinding drink music is the old folk Tanabata Festival children’s toys, that is, small mud even recommend

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