Zhejiang sixty elderly integrity adhere to 15 years of business success

in our lives, there are a lot of extraordinary entrepreneurs, they face the debt and failure, but also to continue to do business, but also to create an extraordinary entrepreneurial experience.

from one family, they become almost everyone shouting "rats".

In the face of the stampede in

this stick is 15 years. Initially, he used his own labor mortgage, and several friends to do the factory. After 5 years, by virtue of their own efforts, Shi Guoan assigned to a Taiwan electrolytic machine and several small.

"later, we moved from Wuyi to Lee store, finally settling in Jinyun." Shi Guoan said, in the days before, can only use "day and night" to describe: the day before dawn, the night has returned home from the factory seven or eight.

in May this year, Shi Guoan came to the Tang Jian

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