The best entrepreneurial opportunities in China

in the current global environment, entrepreneurship is not a complicated thing, has been sought after by many people. But the situation is different, entrepreneurship will naturally be different. Under the background of economic globalization, we are confident that the next ten years of Global trade and investment development." About to participate in the group of twenty Business Summit (B20) of the 58 group CEO Yao Jinbo told reporters.

echoes with the theme of the G20 summit, this year’s B20 summit set up a financial growth, trade and investment, infrastructure, small and medium enterprise development, employment, anti-corruption 6 issues. By the time the delegates will have about 800 people, the Chinese and foreign representatives each accounted for half.

Yao Jinbo believes that the Internet industry has never stopped the pace of globalization of trade and investment, depending on the world economy and the rhythm of the pace of innovation linkage. "The development of China service industry in the overall economy accounted for less than 50%, the traditional way to catch up with Europe and is extremely difficult, but through the" Internet plus "bend overtaking opportunities will soon appear."

take effective measures to promote the development of small and medium enterprises, is one of the G20 government and the business community are very important content. As China’s largest life service platform, the 58 group is currently providing services for SMEs in the about 1000000, which also allows Yao Jinbo to understand the deeper. He told reporters that the vast majority of the two or three and four line cities in China, there are many small and medium enterprises lack of access to the Internet information platform and channels. In order to meet the needs of the construction of the most basic service system, small and medium enterprises also need to solve the problem of financing, business environment improvement and service depth.

, the world’s best entrepreneurial opportunities in china." Yao Jinbo said that the world is changing, there will be a chance to change. Entrepreneurship has become a mainstream direction to solve the employment problem, whether it is government or business, are encouraging innovation, increase support for entrepreneurship. From the 58 city data, at present the new blue collar job groups, 90 accounted for about 60%, the proportion dropped to 30% after 80.

and, with the rapid development of mobile platforms, the recruitment of young talent mobility is becoming the trend of development of the industry. Domestic employment situation in the first tier cities showed a steady trend, especially with the new format related employment demand continued to increase, marketing, computer and other professional graduates employment rate continued to rise. "This shows that, in line with the economic situation and the needs of the social sector jobs, there is still a strong market potential." Yao Jinbo said.

entrepreneurship is to pay attention to the market and the environment, in a better environment for entrepreneurship, no doubt can make the cause of better operation, so that entrepreneurs are easy to create a greater cause. Well, now the best entrepreneurial opportunities in China, as a part of China, whether you want to grasp the recommendation of such entrepreneurs

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