How to open a chain of incense pot shop Choose the brand is very important

now the catering industry hot development, prompted the rise of more food and beverage brands, which joined the project in the market Chuanchuan Xiang casserole is particularly popular, has attracted a lot of investment intentions of entrepreneurs, but entrepreneurs have concerns, for example, money is not enough, no dining experience, do not know how to operate and so on, these the problem, let entrepreneurs shilly-shally. So, how can entrepreneurs get rid of this dilemma? Choose the brand is very important.

first, not enough funds to do?

would like to do a string of incense to join the project, no money? The house is a company catering business students know the brand, business is not easy, so the implementation of 31800 yuan of tenure in franchise systems join, in addition, students can enjoy the residual wound / veterans entrepreneurship headquarters to give 3000 yuan of cash subsidies to help the franchisee business, there is also some preferential policies, specific details can call 400-861-7161 consulting.

secondly, no dining experience how to do?

in the casserole to join the chain of incense at the beginning, many franchisees say they do not have food and beverage experience, do not know how to operate. In fact, this does not have to worry, dotey company catering chain send a professional technical personnel for you to follow, from the shop location, decoration design and layout, technical training operation, material allocation, advertising and so on, will be a service for you, until the franchise can operate independently. If you encounter any problems in the late operation, you can contact the headquarters, the headquarters will be the first time for you to solve.

finally, how to operate it?

as a little mentioned, no dining experience never mind dotey, the company’s existing resources, and has a complete set of effective management system and profit model, "to help the franchisee money" business goals, help the franchisee in the shop management business smoothly. For example, on the dishes, taste, service, and how to treat employees, and customer communication, etc., technicians will teach you one by one to help you shop policy operations.

business is never a simple matter, even if it is engaged in the catering industry seems relatively easy entry, for investors, when it is difficult, such as the lack of experience in the industry, no technology, lack of funds and so on. These issues are successful, one of the major factors influencing entrepreneurial shop. So investors to do catering to join the project, we must choose their own brand items according to their actual situation, to help create wealth.

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