Shop decoration should follow three principles


house is good it is important how good decoration decoration, so that consumers can feel a sense of bright eyes, the decoration is so important, the mention of the decoration, people will naturally think of the style of decoration or determined according to the characteristics of different types of shops. The general purpose of the decoration, the main purpose is to achieve beautiful, clean or achieve a certain grade, or to create a better store. But on the whole should follow the principles of several shop decoration:

shop decoration principles: budget

small shop must be careful, decoration is also so. For example, many shops are used spotlights, can be bought from the wholesale market, the price of a group of lights in general, but a few dozen dollars, at least one hundred dollars to buy a lamp shop. If you find a friend to help install, of course, can save a lot of. As for the shop put furniture, as long as inches for can, such as not enough refined can add some Wei cloth, out of the effect is not bad. Of course, the higher requirements for the decoration of the shop will be in the premise of the beautiful and then seek thrift, can not be generalized.

shop decoration principles: DIY

shop wall body, a little repair a few thousand, thousands of dollars, but to buy a few cans of paint themselves, but also spend tens of dollars." A small shop owner said. Wall itself is not difficult, if not decorate background, just a little more time to complete the same wall tile pattern, and the effect looks good, even if the paint is not uniform, but also does not lose the natural and comfortable feeling. In the decoration of the store in the process, some of the initial work can be done by themselves, without having to spend money. Instead of putting money into a hired hand, use it later.

shop decoration principle: make the best use of


property is to make the best use of the resources of the old. Want to have good results, in addition to spending money, you can also use a little mind, looking for a beautiful and save money solutions. For example, a small shopkeepers rented a storefront, the ceiling had a frame across, but the above wire is an eyesore, so he put the ceiling painted brown, the middle of the room, with some plastic plants around, cover the wires, the cost is only 200 yuan. If it is installed chandeliers, and dismantle the hob, and change the line, will undoubtedly increase the number of renovation costs. In order to make the best use of it, it is very necessary to develop your brain.

decoration is a lot of knowledge, if it is not very clear, can understand the decoration to the side a lot of friends ask, so as to be responsible for their own business, do not feel shy, the real reason to consider is, if just for a "cooked" from the well done can praise, that if do well? What criticism? And this is related to the most sensitive money problems, or to maintain the recommendation from many friends

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