Longquan RS for college students to interpret tax policy

in order to encourage college students to start their own business, China in 2015 launched a number of tax incentives to help college students to reduce the burden on entrepreneurship. Longquan State Administration of Taxation on the basis of the use of "Internet plus service" means to help students understand the national tax policy.

"College studentsentrepreneurship tax relief including what? What tax relief?" "What are the requirements of the new tax invoice? Can you enjoy tax incentives?" Recently, with the public entrepreneurship, the rise of the people’s innovation boom, Longquan IRS taxpayer QQ group, WeChat group has become particularly lively, tax staff patiently answer questions raised by the group of friends.

It is reported that

for business students are not familiar with the situation at the beginning of the use of online tax system, using QQ remote assistance, WeChat pre function to guide taxpayers to transact business, avoid taxpayer bull run, running to and fro. At the same time, according to the needs of taxpayers to carry out the "one to one" online business tax counseling, allowing entrepreneurs to use mobile phone, tablet computer will be able to stay at home to participate in training and coaching, whenever and wherever possible, effectively saves the time cost of taxpayers.

tax is every citizen’s duty, students need to be careful about our tax policy, business law, tax law before go on the road of entrepreneurship, adhere to a legitimate entrepreneur’s bottom line.

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