Zhoukou innovation spring help entrepreneurship set sail to improve the quality of personnel trainin

Zhoukou in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education to do is very awesome, not only let people have innovative thinking, is to strengthen the ability of people to innovation and entrepreneurship, and policy support, business in Zhoukou is a very good choice.

"thriving not spring spring garden, a riot of colour". At the Zhoukou Normal University, and Jiang Jian Muhua like Yan student-centered, to scientific research and innovation team as a support to the University of science and Technology Park and the UFO space for the public record platform for innovation and entrepreneurship students team a total of 65, covering agriculture, bio medicine, molecular functional materials, cloud computing and networking, electronic technology, new energy, city cultural and creative design and other fields.

the school by perfecting the organization management system, build a more perfect innovation and entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship research, entrepreneurial incubator and entrepreneurial practice management platform four, made a series of achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship on the road.

to cooperate fully with the implementation of the new mode of talent training, the school actively build a suitable talents "double teacher" team. At present, the school "Kexin cable class" has begun enrollment; "local" design, "art practice week" project teaching activities carried out; the introduction of enterprise embedded curriculum, CISCO opened the classroom; and Henan Electronic Commerce Association and other industry (enterprises) jointly sets up a set of teaching, practice and training, production integration in the integration of production and education base. Today, the first line of technical practitioners into the classroom, the school has become the norm of personnel training.

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