Shops may wish to use a lot of special merchandise

when it comes to special items, customers will feel very cheap when buying, but also worried about the store owner. After all, such a price, the owner can also be able to make money? So, in the retail process, there are a lot of times we know that their products do not make money, but why sell?

in fact, this is the secret of retail. Although the price of this commodity is very low, it is not profitable at all. However, we can use it to attract customers. There are a lot of customers is the use value of these special offer goods, so they will be rather far away to our supermarket. If there is no special goods, then the customer can not come to my supermarket.

in addition to this, although the customer is for special goods and come, but by the way will also buy some related goods, so that the joint sales. There is one of the most important, that is, this special offer can improve the reputation of our supermarkets, to know that this reputation is priceless. That’s why some commodities don’t make money at all, but retail owners are still selling.

in short, relative to other goods in the store, the specials will undoubtedly have a greater appeal to customers. In a word, the special price attracts a lot of customers and becomes a sign. It attracts a lot of customers every day. After a period of time, I found that it has become a retail magic. With it, my business is booming every day.

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