How to establish a good relationship with customers

open a physical store to do business, want to shop business is booming, bring more profit for the operator returns, naturally also need to build a better relationship with more customers. However, for many investors, how to establish a good relationship is not an easy thing. So, how to establish a good business relationship with customers?

1, the shop to do business, the business is free, if there is a customer to buy, we want to pull the homely way to greet him, especially to have a certain understanding of his family circumstances, greetings to his family, he will feel in your here consumption has been greatly respected. If it’s a special day. We think about it, if we are carrying a box of cake in other places to buy things, the clerk said to you, I wish you a happy birthday, you are not with him a lot closer to the distance.

2, do business how to let the customer get some kind of psychological satisfaction shop: at higher amount of consumption of customers under the condition that the customer will require you to discount or none, so if there are other customer presence, sales staff often seem very passive, so how do we turn? We should send a small gift in the customer checkout before, thanks to his devotion to the business (but not price), so that the customer is asking for discounts and feel shy of his mind will also get a benefit satisfaction. Other customers are not going to follow suit.

3, the shop to do business, but also often consult customer comments or suggestions (attitude to be sincere, modest), ask the customer we pointed out the shortcomings, although most customers say not correct, we must sincerely accept (privately we don’t have to do as they say), for the right opinion or suggested that we must change. Whether or not the customer’s opinions or suggestions are correct, we should be very grateful to face. So that customers will feel that you have received great respect.


customers and not over the people, however, if they can feel the benefit in the details of the above, a store that is able to make good achievements, more overall, only with more customers to establish a good relationship, you can shop business is more popular, more profit can be.

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