What cooks should do best to welcome the new year in 2016

the new year is coming, are you ready? What chefs should do most to welcome the new year in 2016, let’s come to know more details. Hope to be able to help you in the new year.

set this year’s target

2 times to participate in the food and beverage industry exhibition

in the catering industry exhibition is one of the chefs in the catering industry, understand the industry dynamics the most effective method, there are a lot of large-scale food and Beverage Exhibition Forum, so that you can understand this industry what are the innovative things, so you can see a lot of quality suppliers, understand the international trend of catering, and can cook together they exchange ideas, establish contact. Every year around May, China Food Expo, November FHC is an international exhibition, it is necessary to participate in. Celebrity chefs will also be where the media waiting for you.

to cooking competition not every chef wanted to be recommended

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