Nanjing and other cities to suspend the issuance of individual housing loans is true

in the face of rising prices in the market situation, local governments have adopted a series of measures, hoping to effectively curb the irregular growth of housing prices. Recently, there are rumors on micro-blog, the recent Nanjing, Guangzhou, Ji’nan and other regions will suspend the issuance of individual housing loans. Reporter confirmed that this message is not accurate. Bank sources said that the current loan is still normal, orderly payment, but at the end of tightening is a normal phenomenon, do not panic. 360 financial report, in November the national average for the first time the first suite of mortgage interest rates rise, 4.45%, 80% of the current national bank for the first suite loan discount.

stop mortgage mortgage rumors at the end of the tightening is a normal phenomenon

WeChat micro-blog recently in the circle of friends, there are rumors that the central bank, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Ji’nan and other requirements in new bank loans for individual housing control, November 30th (inclusive), suspend payment of all individual housing loans (including all products), and even rumors that Nanjing and Guangzhou in December will be suspended the issuance of individual housing loans.

in Nanjing "stop" matters, the identity of the reporter to buy consulting home Nanjing bank credit department, China Bank (601988, shares), Agricultural Bank (601288, shares), Guangdong Development Bank, Zijin agricultural firms such as most banks said, did not receive notice, still can properly handle the mortgage business. A loan manager of a large state-owned bank said mortgage next time is slow, generally a month or so, the operation quickly to 2 to 3 weeks.

and a joint-stock bank loan approval department official said that at present there are some banks stopped lending, but this is not news, but also a comprehensive stop lending. "Stop – just a few days, the loan amount is mainly insufficient, because this year the market is good, many firms have a year to complete the task, or put some of the current loan plans until after the new year issue, preparing for the first quarter of next year to start."

, a state-owned bank credit department staff also said that by the end of the bank to tighten mortgage loans is a normal phenomenon, the fourth quarter of the loan approval will be dragged to the next year, which is almost an annual tradition of bank.

another source said the central bank said yesterday that the central bank on the part of the city to stop the issuance of individual housing loans is not true. Shandong Banking Bureau official website also released: as of now, China CBRC and Shandong Banking Bureau were not introduced any of Ji’nan city banks fully suspended the mortgage business policy requirements, as late as the adjustment of policies please refer to the official release of information shall prevail.

11 in the national average for the first time the first suite of mortgage interest rates rose

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