Next year you will want to have this action today


drank too much chicken soup, "" for "you never ever meet again heard a lot of sense, but still too bad in this life" has a special feeling. But I want to say to you is, there will always be a person of a word or two determines your life, even if you later find.

[1] 38 years old, junior college degree radiogr me to read a two-year period to the tangle.

[2] my mother dying, a friend told me, "you can use your life to pain and decadence — but not now in front of her face".

[3] when I was young, there is a formal discussion of the relationship with my first girlfriend, I told her that I just want to find a man.

the goods without hesitation Jiecha said: "everyone is looking for the right person, but did not try to become a man."

[4] I know a person living in a wheelchair sitting. Someone asked him if he was stuck in a wheelchair.

he responded: "I have not been wheelchair confinement, but is it free. If you can not sit in a wheelchair, I will be a lifetime is never completely bedridden, want to leave my bedroom and the house."

shocking perspective.

[5] in order to others warm, you have no obligation to put yourself into the fire.

[6] "you meet everyone know something you don’t know." My grandfather used to say that to me.

[7] to do something just to itself, and not to do it.

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