Spring and summer season fruit shop business quickly choose

in fact, every year in the spring and autumn days, fruits and other products are very popular, at the same time, there are a lot of fresh fruit in the spring and summer market, at this time the prospect of opening a fruit shop is very good.

first low threshold. The street fruit shop investment threshold is low, the first from the capital, due to the fruit shop for community residents, stores are mostly in the vicinity of the community, the rent is not expensive, in a number of high-grade fruit fruit, even does not need too much money, the overall accounting down, a ten yuan will be able to start, if you choose to join the brand the fruit shop, but also less capital investment; secondly the technology, which is the process of a business, there is no technical difficulty, otherwise the market will not have so many hawkers selling fruit; third policy, because the threshold of the fruit is low, regardless of industry and commerce, taxation, and other government departments have not the restriction on the.

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