Zhangjiakou Hebei the purchase of non registered permanent residence only 1 sets

house in our daily living in 14:442016/12/10 attracted everyone’s attention, because many people have housing needs, and there are a lot of investment into the real estate market, that housing prices continue to rise, the relevant local departments to take a series of measures. After Hebei Langfang multiple counties to implement the purchase of the property market policy, Hebei Zhangjiakou Huailai county also officially launched the purchase of the property market, from the beginning of this month, the non permanent residents of the county has 1 or more housing in the county, temporarily not in the county to buy housing.

The provisions on further regulating the order of the real estate market

Huailai county "notice", since November 30, 2016, the county residents purchase 1 sets of housing, namely: the county residents do not have the county housing, can buy 1 homes in the county (including new housing and second-hand housing), and purchase the payment of not less than 30%; non permanent residents of the county has 1 or more housing in the county, temporarily not in the county to buy housing.

compared to other hot spots around the property market in Beijing, people’s attention to the Huailai property market is relatively low. But the collaborative concept development, the Winter Olympics in Beijing Tianjin Hebei, peacock City, country garden, Hengda, Rong Sheng, Guang’an, hung Kun holdings and other developers have been stationed in Huailai, Huailai prices also breakthrough million yuan. According to a local cadres said that some time ago Hengda opened a real estate, the Beijing real estate group loot bidding behavior. Therefore, the purchase of Huailai is to curb speculative real estate, maintaining market order.

yesterday, the reporter in the name of the Beijing property buyers in Huailai, a number of real estate consulting, found that the implementation of the restriction policy has some discount. Located in the center of the county seat of a real estate sales staff told reporters that their project price 8000 to 9000 a flat, at present, foreigners can still buy more than two sets of housing, but after January will be restricted purchase. And another real estate sales staff is directly told reporters that they have not received notice of the purchase, he also said that there are several people in Beijing yesterday to buy a few sets.

this year, prices have been rising throughout the country, but the people’s income level has not been significantly improved, so do not want to match the phenomenon of the government had to make supervision of the real estate market. The purchase of the notice clearly requires Huailai, real estate development companies, brokerage institutions to strictly enforce the purchase of a non County household registration policy. County Housing management departments to the county real estate development companies, brokers submitted materials verification. That provides false materials or conceal the housing situation, shall not handle the formalities of net signed. But the actual point of view, is to look at the implementation of the provisions of the purchase, otherwise it will inevitably become a mere scrap of paper.

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