Shop courier courier costs to reduce what

in such an era of Internet information, online shopping has become the choice of many people. Since the sale of goods on the network, it is natural to express as an intermediary, and this is also a natural cost. In fact, as long as we can take the right business strategy, courier costs can also be reduced. So, the shop to reduce the cost of the coup?

through the courier company to send goods is the preferred way to shop online shop, which is mainly because they are not high cost, more convenient and thoughtful service, timely delivery characteristics. The level of freight is also a factor restricting the possibility of the seller’s commodity turnover. If the two sellers of the same goods, and the freight difference, buyers will certainly be more interested in the low cost of Xing a seller.

therefore, if the seller can choose a lower cost of shipping, to attract buyers, can increase the store’s revenue. How to reduce the cost of express it, here are a few tips for sellers.

1. consulting friends

for the new shop sellers, but also with the courier company’s experience. Therefore, you have to consult, to understand the situation, and then choose the most appropriate courier company. If you know often use the courier shop friends, then ask them in advance and express the price, do know.

2. bargaining

if you are in the process of cooperation with a courier company, I feel a bit expensive. You can call the courier company. You can say: "I used the company’s express, their price is cheaper than your price, you can give me some cheaper?" If the other party can’t promise you right away. You can go on to say: "because I feel more of your company outlets, and feel that you are a good person, so I would like to be shipped in your long-term." At this time, the courier company staff will give you some concessions.

3. direct contact courier

a lot of courier companies are the final say, so you have to talk directly to the courier and the price, more secure. But in communication with the courier, the attitude must be better. There is a premise, that is, you have to express the contact information. You can search the courier company on the Internet, and then write down the telephone network in your city, and then the next one to call, responsible for the area where you express the phone call down. Although these things are quite cumbersome, but it is very effective to reduce the cost of courier.

4. establish long-term partnership

as a result of these courier companies

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