How to teach you how to get a good supply

cosmetics industry continues to develop, many entrepreneurs have also seen this one of the business opportunities, you want to open a cosmetics store, you must first get a good source. However, for entrepreneurs, due to just stationed in the cosmetics industry, lack of understanding of the industry, some of the industry is not very understanding of the technical specifications, so often suffer. Cosmetics shop how to purchase? Xiao Bian this weapon for you.

one, the selection of qualified regular brands. The first is legal, license, otherwise it is not worth considering, then it is the cultural background of the brand, product, packaging design, price positioning, concept marketing channels and selected demands are complete and consistent, not chaos is not contradictory. For example, some products of foreign brands under the banner also claim to be a Chinese brand, this brand is often contradictory, it is difficult to neither fish nor fowl, and accepted by consumers.

Second, choose a

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