Double eleven hot Amoy brand behind where

double eleven during your "chop hand"? Believe when you meet will ask, electricity supplier giants ten a tug of war lasted for a long time, this year for the Amoy brand, the pressure is not a matter of fact, the starry chairman Zhao Yingguang and Yin brand founder Fang Jianhua think so.

top double last year’s eleven sales of the first women’s aura, Han clothing has been the attention of the outside world. Zhao Yingguang said that last year he had to stand the pressure of contention, this year with the strategic focus of the transfer, the pressure does not exist.

for this year’s "double eleven", Fang Jianhua also appeared calm. Right now, for him, the important thing is not only "double eleven". Not long ago, the man opened a flagship store in Shanghai, is said to be the site’s hot sales. At the same time, the eleven day of the same day, sales of household items and small pieces of furniture man Home in Tmall on the line. In order to give their new kind of rally, on the same day, the man will start to send you a home marketing activities, that is, in the case of the black man on the line eleven double the highest single day consumers can get a set of furniture.

The first generation of the Amoy brand

starry and Yin man, how to get rid of the Amoy brand brand, find their own position?

hit the ceiling

submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in the Alibaba’s IPO plan, because man is the only listed prospectus quoted books in case of women

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