Exposure harden Kardashian can not be ambiguous ambiguous

foreign media recently said, on the eve of Christmas Eve, harden to get rid of Kardashian. It is said that because of the Kardashian family and Kohler’s own emotional processing techniques so harden unbearable, and ultimately choose to break up.

12 29, according to "the Hollywood life" reports, for Kohler – Kardashian, this may not be a happy christmas. Because, according to informed sources, on Christmas Eve, the socialite was her boyfriend, Rockets star James harden off.

"(Kardashian and romance) that he (harden) under too much pressure," an insider said, "media attention, Kardashian and her family interference between Odom and harden wavering."

the beginning, even though Kardashian always accompany beside Odom and withdraw the divorce, harden also appeared very generous and understanding. But at the same time, due to the poor performance of the Rockets this season, as well as harden state is not ideal, making him and Kardashian love more and more attention by the outside world and discussion.

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