Devaluation of the impact of foreign countries

in recent years, the domestic market economy countries in order to macro-control, take a series of measures to keep the monetary policy has been in a government regulation policy, with the new version of the renminbi printed recently, also attracted people’s attention.

recorded in the price of gold rose on Monday, the biggest weekly gain in three months after continue to rise, aided by American data was weaker than expected, and the devaluation of the uncertainty still exist.

gold last week climbed to the highest since 7 months, before the China government arranged the yuan depreciated slightly, as analysts speculate a weaker currency could prompt the Federal Reserve (FED/ fed) delay expected shengxi.

the Fed will be in the year the rate hike is expected to boost the dollar, to suppress the price of gold fell to five and a half month low of $1077, because interest rates will increase the opportunity cost of holding gold.

Shengxi depends on the timing of U.S. economic data show. Data released today show that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in August manufacturing index fell to the lowest since 2009. Shortly after the release of the data, the dollar weakness, gold prices.

the Fed will be released on Wednesday July meeting, investors will be looking for clues to the Fed rate hike plan.

Chinese RMB to stabilize and let the market relieved, and helped the European stock markets in the recorded six weeks biggest weekly decline after the rebound, but the impact of devaluation worries continue to support the gold market.

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