To work or the first venture

in the end is entrepreneurship or work, countless people entangled in this issue. In fact, for entrepreneurship, although many people have this idea, but it can not be put into practical action, because many of the problems are not enough to understand. For example, in the end is a good job or business? Let Xiaobian for you to introduce a few simple and business related issues.

the first question: the success of the road, you are their own chaos, or a teacher guidance better?

life on the road, because there are parents, there is life; success on the road, because there is a teacher, there is a direction. Good parents, can cultivate excellent children. A good teacher can bring out good students. The first success is to find a mentor. That is, on the road to success, to find a successful mentor, in order to succeed.

a lot of people, there are parents on the road of life, but the success of the orphans on the road, no one guide. A free hand, drift, hearsay, others, without direction, a confused. Parents, we have no way to choose, but the teacher, you must learn to choose, do you think it is?

second Q: work or business?

how long have you been working in these years? A year, how much income in your pocket? If your wages will never keep up with prices, prices, oil prices, health care costs, education costs, rising costs of traffic, what do you think is the result? The rising cost of living, so that the pockets of workers income is less and less!

Robert, the father of

wealth, said: "the only way to get financial freedom is to do business," said! Those who do not want to make friends, do not continue to look down. Different way, do not want to seek. Li Jiacheng said, money is not everything, but no money is absolutely impossible. Strength determines dignity. Don’t talk about empty love, filial piety. Parents to buy a piece of clothing are hesitant for a long time, you also said that their filial piety?

you are too busy to accompany their parents, to call their parents are not, but also about filial piety? Filial piety requires strength, love also needs the ability to maintain the family also need strength, poor and lowly misery, poor countries without diplomatic. Of course, money is not mercenary, but in the struggle, with their own fruits of victory to give yourself a reward. In the process of striving for the goal, the happiness is the most permanent. Happy to make money, happy to enjoy the process, this is the most important.

third questions: first to work, or start a business?

do you think it’s time for the rich to make money, or to make money for the poor? The transfer of a house, a lifetime of workers is not enough sweat! When is the best time for us to start a business? The answer is just graduated

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