90 students earning 20 thousand chicken

is just the beginning of society for many young college students entrepreneurs, in the beginning of some entrepreneurial activities need to do is to choose a less large projects, as the name suggests is to choose some small projects.

bent when the boss to do business, giving up a good salary for Zheng

in February 14th this year, a romantic encounter, Guo founder hearts that she found the same girl working in Zhengzhou. Sweet love at the same time, the business has not yet improved, Guo founder even living expenses have become a problem. Girlfriend is very understanding, but Guo is determined not to wait, to do something, I also tried to find some work, can not be very suitable". So he secretly planning their own business.

"drama you come from the stars" in the beer and fried chicken for Guo Fangzheng inspired, "I do chicken welcomed by friends, make a prompt decision: chicken".

in the rented room in a month of "fried chicken test"

survey at the same time, Guo founder still renting out a room for a month "fried chicken test", "what flavor to become an independent school, it is best to eat?" he also got a girlfriend to eat, this is not optimistic about his choice of girlfriend persuaded by taste.

about the origin of the name "Esbjerg fried chicken", Guo Fangzheng said: "he is Finland’s second largest city, is famous for technology intensive industries, the NOKIA headquarters is located there. Where the fried chicken is also renowned in Europe, so I want to make a delicious fried chicken and fried chicken esbjerg."

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