Do entrepreneurs lie well Zhou Hongyi gives his answer

entrepreneurs lie? This question may be a bit puzzling, from our very little understanding of education, lying is certainly bad behavior, so why this problem will appear here. Because in the entrepreneurial circles, entrepreneurs have a different understanding of the Lie point of view, where Zhou Hongyi will give their own answers.

first, consistent with the rational hypothesis of economic man lying. Rational people assume that everyone is for the benefit of the calculation, if the liar is willing to take responsibility for the lies and pay the price, lying behavior is rational. Another problem is that if someone does not insist on honesty and others are profiting from the lie, honesty has become a disadvantage in the survival and competition, the formation of bad money drives out good money.

again, even if the illegal lie can also be regarded as a technical foul with rational choice. For example, a player can take his shots to stop the other penalty or even a penalty and a red card and the risk of tripping the other players. Efficiency is the core rule of Kos as the representative of the economics of law, law and economics, the efficient breach is clearly put forward the view that the party in breach of contract liability for breach of contract is greater than income when rational choice. Kos mentioned the case and the case in the cattle train "the problem of social cost", that all social practice cost-benefit formulas of the economics of law can be applied to the outside of the contract.

and a little strong reason, as many moral model celebrities do not mind lying. Ronaldo program lists human rights leader Martin Ruud Kim, is to mislead the public opinion to distort the facts, the manipulation of the media’s disgraceful to achieve the purpose of anti apartheid, although the objective itself is correct. Everyone remembers Confucius in the "Analects of Confucius" in the sentence "letter, resolute". But this sentence is "the word"

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