Do a good job of display to attract customers

the same goods, some shops will be displayed in the above efforts, so that the shop looks very attractive, and some shopkeepers are to throw these goods everywhere, such a scene how to attract customers? "People rely on clothes horse saddle" this saying is not false, whether people or things, as long as you take care of it carefully clean up the aesthetic feeling is different.

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retail outlets, for a very simple example, in the same street, if there is a shop, no matter from its external environment decoration, or its sign has its own characteristics will have a unique style, to attract more customers to sales. Once the customer into the store, store display is also very important, some of the novel and beautiful display, will urge customers to have a strong desire to buy. So, whether it is the store’s external environment or store display facilities, a retail store, has a pivotal role.

Shizuishan City, Dawukou District, Chaoyang tobacco firm firm. From its external environment, is a tobacco, red and white signs compelling to give customers a feeling of atmosphere. Customers will be able to produce a kind of step into the desire to stroll around. To attract customers is displayed it in store: combined with empty cigarette cigarette case making the "heart" and "sword", "sword from the heart, profound heart and sword".

especially the sword shows "dazhangfu spirit, close hidden, light air and rivers, for Jia Liang, the sword will collect light properly" intention. In the framework of the display of ingenuity, a variety of brands of cigarettes on display, there are points for prizes, are pleased to.

cigarette exquisite cigarette display, not only to attract customers desire to buy, give the customer a new feeling, not only to show the connotation of tobacco culture, or a kind of art to enjoy, look at the following pictures:

gold leaf tobacco display, not only to the golden leaf cigarette brand advertising, but also a manifestation of a religion, a symbol.

exquisite "Fu" display, India gold leaf cigarette brand advertisement: gold leaf, June gold industry, happiness as immense as the Eastern Sea changliushui. Is also a blessing to the owner and the customer.

This group of

cigarette display, more carefully, with strips of cigarette and football combined display to reflect: "the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, we celebrate together with you the beautiful theme."!

in the modern terminal construction, "one of the six functions" of the "image display function" can not be separated from the display of cigarettes. Whether it is a large shopping center, or the name of the hotel name cigarettes, convenience stores, and grocery stores, cigarette display is essential, a store, if the image display cabinets in cigarette display unique, novel, can stimulate consumption.

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