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art in life, can bring people a more elegant life, while winning people’s attention. The exhibition of "post south of the Five Ridges" and "Pearl River Delta", held by the Guangdong Museum of art, the Guangdong Artists Association and the Guangdong Chinese painting society, was held at the Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou. Fang Fang, direction, Wang Huangsheng, Li Jinkun, Lin Lan, Wang Shaoqiang and many other artists to participate in this exhibition.

in Chinese new experimental ink on the art map, overlapping of contemporary art early Chinese art history in the writing of the beginning of the mainstream, concentrated in the north and south two sections; the relative edge position is far away from the cultural center of the Pearl River Delta region. In recent years, misunderstood as a "cultural desert" of the Pearl River Delta as a whole, consciously carry out self internal and external cultural construction and foreign exchange and communication, from domestic to international, its performance is more frequent in art history or individual review.

in the Pearl River Delta region has had its own unique cultural environment and atmosphere, the geographical advantage to bring leading and open communication with the outside world, while self reconfiguring in absorbing foreign culture, formed has always been relatively loose and inclusive cultural environment, which is always in history. To the modern embodiment of the unique and leading position.

the same time, the ink words in frustration hit encounter of modernization, the Pearl River Delta of the new ink artists quickly make relatively rational response, "south of the Five Ridges" is the pioneer of ink experimenter was the most prominent, have some research and trend of local culture in the direction of artistic language, embodiment to explore the characteristics of regional culture of the individual.

people’s exploration of art will never stop, in the Guangdong Museum of art, people see more works of art, to give people a visual experience. In this exhibition, the members of the "south of the Five Ridges" are invited to carry out a re polymerization, and to engage in dialogue with scholars and theorists in the form of academic seminars during the exhibition. Rethinking the historical background, the specific context and the present situation of "post south of the Five Ridges".

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